Disclosable Portfolio
IMSI/Design:   A pioneer in mobile solutions for the AEC (Architectural,
Engineering, and Construction) industry and the global leader in retail
CAD (Computer Aided Design).
    www.IMSIdesign.com     Acquired by
Mentor Graphics investor group.
Infectious.com:   A new way to print on everything... from iPods to
automobiles.  Unique community-based approach.    
www.Infectious.com     Acquired by Fastsigns.
iPrint.com:   The original online print shop on the Internet.  Over one
million customers served.  
www.iPrint.com  Taken public (NASD: IPRT);
Taken private via merger with 12th largest promotional products
company in U.S.
Audigen [research phase]:   Eradicating hearing loss on a global scale.
Dianovix [research phase]:   Ground-breaking diagnostic biomarkers
and therapies for the treatment of multiple sclerosis.
MessageCast:   A pioneer in broadcast messaging systems using
real-time networks and RSS.     
Acquired by Microsoft (NASD: MSFT).
T/Maker Company:   An early personal computer software company that
created leading brands such as Personal Publisher (PFS: First
Publisher), WriteNow for Macintosh, and ClickArt.   
Acquired by Deluxe
Corporation (NYSE: DLX).
Head Over Heels/The Hardware Store:  An elegant jewelry and
high-end consignment shopping experience.  Flagship location Menlo
Park, California.     
Merged with Anthem, Inc.
Equepa [research phase]:   Preventing neurodegenerative disorders
like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, stroke, and multiple sclerosis.
GoLorry, Inc.:   Commercial trucking in India (World's third largest
economy) is a mess. Way too many brokers and agents involved...
inefficient payloads... suboptimal travel routes... unreliable schedules...
and so on. It's begging for a technical solution.

GoLorry is creating this solution and will become the Uber of
commercial trucking in India.     
Gumstix, Inc.:   Pioneered the industry's first cloud-based design shop
for IoT devices
-- where anyone -- even those without electrical
engineering degrees -- can design
and produce custom,
 electronic circuitry.  10-20x faster,
cheaper, and easier than traditional process.   
Acquired by Altium, Inc.
GrowCredit, Inc.:   The first fintech organization dedicated to helping
millennials establish and build credit.     
Givling, Inc.:   A for-profit game company that chooses to share an
outsized portion of its profits helping reduce student debt.     
BattleIQ:   eSports.  Adding another layer of gamification to games to
create a brand new way to monetize real-time content.
Big Heart, A Public Benefit Corporation:   Mobile games that make
donating fun.  :)   The next generation of philanthropy.